LUTH gears up for  Laparoscopic surgery

LUTH gears up for Laparoscopic surgery

… as American firm donates equipment

 • Laparoscopic surgery offers new options for patients

• Laparoscopic surgery offers new options for patients

It is no longer news that knifeless surgery has become the preferred choice of reputable surgeons across the world.
However, only few Nigerian public hospitals have yet keyed into providing this aspect of surgery mainly as a result of non-availability of the equipment and up-to-date knowledge on the part of many surgeons.
It is, a welcome development for the surgeons and staff of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) on Monday when a Laparoscopic surgical equipment was donated to the hospital by an American firm, Condion Medroni.
According to Medroni Marketing Director, John Monroe, the Simbionix surgical operating machine which has already been installed at LUTH surgical skills training centre, “is for the training of manpower. And Nigeria is the future of Laparoscopic surgery in the West African region.”
Laparoscopic surgery or keyhole surgery, with the available equipment can allow surgeons to get through to any part of the body through tiny holes which would rapidly lead to rapid healing, short stay in hospital and overall wellbeing of patients.
It is a type of surgical procedure in which a small incision is made, usually in the navel, through which a viewing tube (laparoscope) is inserted.
The viewing tube has a small camera on the eyepiece. This allows the doctor to examine the abdominal and pelvic organs on a video monitor connected to the tube. Other small incisions can be made to insert instruments to perform procedures. Laparoscopy can be done to diagnose conditions or to perform certain types of operations. It is less invasive than regular open abdominal surgery (Laparotomy).
Speaking at an ‘international workshop on core skills in Laparoscopic surgery’ held at LUTH, the Chief Medical Director (CMD), Professor Christopher Bode said they were indeed glad that the centre was set up by surgeons of like minds, adding that they would improve and continue to do better than they have done.
“We are happy that we now have surgical options to offer our patients who would have loved to travel overseas on medical tourism to access pinhole surgery, not only because they can afford the cost, but also because they desire not to go through open surgery for conditions that could easily be taken care of by simple pinhole surgery.
He thanked John Monroe for the surgical machine, adding that “since the whole world has moved on, it is not possible for the hospital to continue with business as usual; hence it is just appropriate to go with the technology that helps the practice of medicine.”
At the moment, other government public hospitals that offer Laparoscopic surgery include LUTH, Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital, Ife, and University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan.

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