Why you must pay attention to your arteries – Consultant Cardiologist

Dr. Eugene Azubike

A Consultant Cardiologist, Dr. Eugene Nwosu has urged Nigerians to pay attention to their arteries (the muscular blood vessels that carry oxygen-rich blood from the heart to the body),. stating that arterial health is very critical to human well-being.

Nwosu gave this advice during the fifth anniversary celebration of his health facility, United Heart Hospital.

Speaking on the health tips, he tagged Be kind to your arteries Nwosu said: “I want you to know that physiologic age is superior to chronic age. It is not how old you are, it is how long your arteries are.

Some people are 60 years old but their arteries are 120.

“There are certain surgeries that an 80 year old can go through because their operations risk is very low while some people are 50 and their operating risk is very high.

“For example, if you are going to have surgery, and you are the type of person that pants when climbing stairs, even if you don’t have any other medical history, your operating risk is very high. And if you are 80 year old and you can jump around, your risk of complications is low. So your arterial health is very critical to your well-being.

“The effect of blood pressure on your arteries is very significant even at the level that people do not consider important.

“High blood pressure narrows your arteries so pay attention to your blood pressure. Because it doesn’t have symptoms does not mean that all is well.”

He stated that the things that can make one’s arteries get old are diabetes, high cholesterol, poor diet, smoking, lack of physical exercise and therefore, advised Nigerians on regular exercise.

According to him, “Some of the things that can make arteries get old are diabetes, high cholesterol, poor diet, smoking, lack of physical exercise.

“One of the measures that can keep you healthy and anybody can do it because some of them cost nothing is exercise.

“Regular exercise is medicine. It counters all the risk factors of cardiovascular disease. And it is the best anti aging medication. It prolongs your life. One hour of exercise, prolongs your life by two hours.”

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