Nigeria Health Online


Nigeria Health Online is an online health newspaper published by Healthways Communications Nigeria Limited, a communication company offering specialized Media services to pharmaceutical and other health-related companies.

Healthways Communications was incorporated in June 1987 originally as a health publishing and radio/TV production firm.  It commenced business in 1994 with the introduction of a radio health programme, Staying Alive on Radio Nigeria 2, Lagos. The TV version of Staying Alive was later transmitted on NTA 2 Channel 5, Lagos between 1995 and 1997. The company later introduced more health programmes for both radio and TV. These included Dear Doctor on Radio Nigeria, Enugu in 1996, Health Alert on Ray Power 100 FM in 1996, Malaria Hot Line on NTA 2 Channel 5 in 2000 and Tamakon Mai Asma a public enlightenment programme on asthma in Hausa language on Radio Nigeria, Kaduna in 1995. Nigeria Health Online combines  the editorial slant and objectives of these  programmes  in  covering  the Nigerian health sector and African health in general. The goal  is to provide relevant and up-to-date information on the African health care delivery systems, while also providing useful tips on healthy lifestyle for individuals. NHO will also,  from time to time,  feature relevant and topical stories which, though outside the health realm , are considered  vital in enhancing the quality of life.

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