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Health Insurance: LASHMA partners LASRRA to simplify enrolment, expand Ilera Eko coverage

The Lagos State Health Management Agency (LASHMA) has partnered with the Lagos State Residents Registration Agency (LASRRA) to expand the coverage of the state health insurance scheme, ILERA EKO, as part of efforts to achieve universal healthcare coverage in the state.

Permanent Secretary of LASHMA, Dr. Emmanuella Zamba disclosed this yesterday during a joint media briefing with LASRRA at the Folarin Coker Staff Clinic in Alausa, Ikeja.

Dr. Zamba explained that the partnership aims to ensure that more residents are enrolled in the ILERA EKO health insurance scheme, as anyone who registers with LASRRA will be automatically captured on the ILERA EKO Health Scheme.

“Our partnership with LASRRA marks the beginning of another journey. We expect this collaboration to increase awareness, registration, and utilization of healthcare services covered by ILERA EKO. We have trained LASRRA staff and will continue to do so to achieve our desired goals,” she said.

The Permanent Secretary further emphasized that the partnership is a significant step toward providing a wide range of healthcare services to residents, aligning with the health and environment mandate of the THEMES PLUS agenda of the current administration.

She highlighted LASHMA’s three arms: the ILERA EKO Social Health Insurance Scheme, the Regulations arm responsible for ensuring that residents in both formal and informal sectors enroll in the scheme, and the EKO Social Health Alliance (EKOSHA), a resource mobilization arm catering to the vulnerable and indigent populations.

“The Lagos State Health Management Agency has been working relentlessly since its full operations commenced in 2021 to ensure that residents enroll in the Lagos State Health Insurance Scheme. To date, the agency has about 1,064,897 enrollees in its database,” Dr. Zamba added.

Reiterating the administration’s commitment to achieving universal healthcare coverage, Dr. Zamba mentioned that LASHMA has established five divisional offices, 14 sub-divisional offices, and 16 kiosks across the state to reach all corners. She urged all residents to register with the ILERA EKO health insurance scheme or LASRRA to enjoy quality and efficient health care services.

“I implore every resident who has not yet registered with LASRRA to do so immediately. Registration not only serves as evidence of residency but also provides access to numerous benefits offered by the state,” she stated.

Speaking in the same vein, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Innovation, Science, and Technology, Engr. Ibilola Kasunmu highlighted the introduction of a unique identification card; the Lagos ID card, designed to streamline access to various services, ensuring no resident is left behind.

“We recognize that carrying multiple cards can be cumbersome. Lagos ID, the unique identification card for Lagos residents is a significant milestone, serving as both identification and access to a multitude of government services. The Lagos ID card, featuring 28 applets, is designed to streamline service access,” Engr. Kasunmu explained.

Speaking on the partnership, the General Manager of LASRRA, Mrs. Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola noted that registering with LASRRA provides a gateway to various state services, including health, educational support, housing initiatives, social welfare programs, business development opportunities, and transport services.

“The essence of being here today is to underscore the critical importance of registering with LASRRA. LASRRA serves as the gateway to essential services provided by the Lagos State Government. I want to specifically emphasize two key benefits that registration with LASRRA affords: access to the Lagos State Health Insurance Scheme and seamless access to a plethora of Lagos State services,” Mrs. Adebiyi-Abiola stated.
She elaborated, “Firstly, through LASRRA registration, residents gain effortless access to Lagos State Health Scheme managed by LASHMA. This health insurance scheme is designed to ensure that every resident of Lagos State can access quality healthcare services without financial constraints.
“By registering with LASRRA, individuals and families become eligible for its coverage, providing them with peace of mind knowing that their healthcare needs are covered.”
Mrs. Adebiyi-Abiola also highlighted the seamless registration process, noting that it can be done both online and offline, with biometric capturing at any of the 62 registration outlets across the state. She encouraged residents to register and pick up their Lagos ID cards, emphasizing the importance of being part of the state’s development plans.

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